Hey!, so there is one thing you need to be reminded of before you read this blog. Saving is the same exact thing as earning money! So if you manage to save 2000$ its the same exact thing as you getting a 2000$ Paycheck in the mail, or getting a raise at work. This mentality is crucial if you want to be successful at saving! Without further ado! Lets save some money together!

Saving 2000-5000$ in 2018!

Ok, so in order to Save 2000-5000$ you would need an income to begin with, if you don’t have an income then you need to find one!, This could be as simple as picking up a Job, creating your own full time income online (Will take time), becoming an independent contractor along with many other methods. There are thousands of ways to make money in this current day! Just be creative!

Now that you have your income, there are so many expenses you need to tackle! Below there are many methods in current life where we can save in the areas that are the most costly, along with other great tips!.

Invest In A Coin Bank!

You, may laugh at this one but this is a great decision to make! Coins alone are weak, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. At the Beginning of every year, I save all my coins from everyday purchases right in the coin bank, and I dont ever touch it. At the end of the year I average around 300$ in coins! Do not sleep on your coins! They are money too!

Sharper Image Coin Bank

I use the Sharper Image Coin Bank, It is under 15$ and worth every penny! This device will count your coins for you when you put them in the bank, that way when the time comes to finally get cash for your beloved coins, you will already know exactly what you have! 🙂

Start a Meal Plan!

I cannot stress how important this one is! I have seen so many people burn so much money on food, and I admit I am guilty of this one as well! Eating out should be done very rarely if you want to save money! You dont really recognize how much money goes to eating out until you revisit your bank account, the average person spends 10-20$ daily on fast food or at restaurants. This is anywhere from 300-600$ burned away just to eat!. Thats crazy talk. Invest some time into learning a few wallet friendly recipes and head to the grocery store. From there plan your meals!  Schedule a  breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and dont over eat! This is healthier for you as well :). Make a script and stick to it, and watch really how long your food will last you. You will recognize a huge difference in your bank account if you were eating out everyday before!.

Seperate your Wants from Needs!

Think about what you can live without! Did you really need that brand new 50″ Smart TV? Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself,  but you have to realize that buying “cool stuff” that might collect dust later on is really hurting your bank account!,

Consider going to a Pre-paid Cellular Plan

On Prepaid Plans you are able to save alot more money, than usual, I am currently only paying 35$ on a prepaid plan for Unlimited call text & 3GB of Data. While my friends are spending 80$ monthly!

Shop Online!

You can almost always find whatever you need cheaper online! Online has the cheapest options for almost all purchases other than groceries. I believe in the future Online will even have the groceries at a lower cost than the grocery stores. And a great combination is to use cashback websites while you shop online to save you even more money! Click Here to see a post with many cashback options to save your money.

Stay Committed!

You need to have tunnel vision with this, focus on your goal and dont look in any other direction, when you are about to buy that brand new luxury item, or when you are about to spend 30$ on eating out at a restaurant! think about your goals, the money you dont spend is money that you have earned!

To Be Continued! with many more methods on how to Save Money!




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