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Are you planning on shopping on This Christmas? You could be missing out on plenty of savings without the opportunities listed in this post! There are plenty of websites that will pay you up to 25% Cashback (Cashback varies by store) Directly to your paypal account! Before you shop, you would simply click the store you want to buy from, get redirected to the store, and then whatever you were to purchase, you would be rewarded cashback. The average cashback offered on most of the websites are 5-10% back, imagine if you were to make a big purchase such as 1000$ on ChristmasYou would be rewarded 50-100$. Why Pay More when you could save money and put it towards something else?

Below are 3 Websites that allow you to Save Money just for shopping at your favorite websites

Giving Assistant

My all time favorite website for shopping cash back, is Giving Assistant, I recently started using this site early this year, and I have saved 300$ on my everyday purchases. Imagine what you could do with an extra 300$? And I personally am not a person who shops around that much, So if you find yourself as an avid shopper just imagine how much you could actually save your self with this!, Giving assistant pays out every single week! I have had a great experience shopping using Giving assistant.

Click HERE To Save Money With Giving Assistant!



Ebates is another great option when it comes to buying things online, Ebates has hundreds of stores offering up to 15% cash back depending on the store. One cool thing about ebates is the bonus that they offer to begin with, they offer a 10$ bonus on start in the form of cash or Walmart gift card, however that 10$ bonus isn’t available until you reach the cash out minimum of 25$ which is fairly easy if you plan on shopping, especially with the black Friday deals!

Click Here! to Save Money With Ebates!



Swagbucks is a GPT rewards site but it also offers a competitive cashback shopping platform using swagbucks in the form of payment.

Swagbucks is the virtual currency used on the website Swagbucks. 100 SwagBucks = 1$

Once earned swagbucks can either be used to withdraw for gift cards to a wide selection  of stores starting at 3$, or withdrawn for paypal cash starting at 25$. It takes anywhere from 7-14 days to recieve payment.

Swagbucks has a huge selection of stores to shop from that will pay you up to 25% cashback depending on the store! Save Money with Swagbucks!

Click Here to save with Swagbucks!


There are plenty of websites to choose from that offer this service, but the three listed above have worked the best for me, If you plan on buying something on black friday, I highly suggest using one of these websites before your purchase, because honestly why not save your money? Saving your money is the exact same as making money!.

I also highly suggest searching through each of the websites to see which website is offering the highest rate for your selected store. (Eg. Giving assistant could offer 7% cash back at walmart and Ebates could offer 2% or vice versa) this is a really easy way to Save Money!

Thank you for reading! if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!.




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