Make Money Online Doing Nothing For Free Part 1 (The Lazy Way!!) [2017-2018]

Hey!, Have you ever wondered if there was actually a way for you to get paid without actually doing anything? As much as you’ve been told it isn’t possible, I’m here to tell you that there are some actual ways of getting paid directly to Paypal with doing pretty much nothing at all. Now of course you cant expect to get rich doing this as this doesn’t really require you to do anything. But you can expect to make an additional 50-300$ a month. One note you should make while entering the world of making money is that there is No way of getting rich fast and easy on your own! (Unless you win the lotto, or a sweepstakes) 🙂 This is such an easy way to make money online!

If you are looking to make a full time income all from home on your computer stay tuned for more blog posts as I will be covering this in detail!

Below you will see methods that make money online for doing nothing while you relax!

1. Letting Your Device Work For You

Did you know it was possible to have your Cellphone/Computer/Tablet work for you in your sleep, or while you’re at work, or while your away? Yes, all you need is a device and an internet connection, and you could have your own mini worker letting you make money online while you’re off doing other things! This is free Money and I dont see any reason not to take it. Read below for more details!

While being a gaming centered website, is a website that will literally pay you just for leaving the site open. The concept of the website is to get paid for running videos on the website, so once you sign up and log in, you just have to click on a set of videos and that is all there is to it, Videos will play 24/7 and will make money online while you go and do other things!. You are able to cash out once you reach 0.50$ and this can be done very quickly!  There is an active community to talk to while you earn, they are very helpful in answering any other questions you might have of the website. You also have the option in doing other activities or gambling with other members of the community in order to earn more money, You can actually earn alot  gambling on if you get lucky as you have a 50/50 chance at doubling, or losing your wager of choice. But gamble at your own risk! You can lose the money you earned just as easy as you got it!

Very Alike here is a website that will pay you just for leaving the site open, Upon signing up, just head straight to the video section and let the videos play 24/7 and once you’ve earned enough you can either cash out to Paypal or Get an Amazon gift card! The minimum cash out here is 5.00$ though. But this is free to use and requires you to do nothing at all but let videos run on either your computer or mobile device. Another easy way to make money online!



But wait? Swagbucks is a website where I actually have to be active in order to get paid?  This may be true in some cases but Swagbucks actually has a lot of completely passive activities! On the watch section of Swagbucks there is a section called nCrave. In the nCrave section they have endless playlists you can use just like the sites listed above. You literally click the playlist and let it do its thing. Using Swagbucks the first paypal option starts at 25$, So it will take a little longer than the other sites listed. If you cannot wait for paypal, then you can try a gift card starting at 3$ which doesnt take long at all. Make money online with swagbucks!

Swagbucks also has mobile apps that run on android or iOs, which are …. yeah you guessed it, More video playlist :). These apps are named.,, SBTV, Entertainow, and All of these can be ran on your mobile device to earn you points endlessly.

 Perk TV

Perk TV Operates the same way as EarnHoney and, But with Perk TV, They aim their rewards around gift cards, other than paypal. Perk TV has a hundreds and hundreds of gift cards to chose from, Examples include popular stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Many More. So this Can still be used to cover some cost of living. PayPal is offered but there is a fee of 3$ for cashing out to Paypal. Perk TV allows you to use up to three devices, per app. Perk also has many other apps such as games, scratch cards, pop quiz trivia, which can all be used to make points in to the same account. If you were a person with alot of phones the earning potential with perk is pretty great!.

If you are considering using this method I recommend purchasing a few cheap devices to increase your earnings, this could be a great way to invest and increase your earnings!.


The combination of these apps on a daily basis will net you anywhere from 5-10$ a day, For Doing Nothing What So Ever! If you add those up by the month that converts into 150-300$ each month. Which in my opinion is useful to anybody!.

Making Money Online couldnt be easier!

2. Getting Paid for your Daily Activity Online.

There are many apps, that will pay you for what you already do when you go online! 



QMEE Is a shopping plugin for your internet browser, (No you dont have to buy anything) this is the free and effortless post remember? :). When you download Qmee, and you go about your day, whenever you search a product online, QMEE May show some alternatives stores where you can buy the same product you are looking for. Whenever you click on any of those alternatives, you get paid! QMEE has no payout minimum, so even if you only have 0.01 you can transfer it to your paypal account and it is instant! The second you click cash out it arrives in your paypal. QMEE Will also pay you, and I a bonus on your first cashout which can be done in literally 5 minutes, If you would like to try QMEE please check it out! Make Money Online today!



How many times do you Unlock your phone a day? Slidejoy is an app that will pay you everytime you unlock your phone, once you’ve earned enough from unlocking your phone, Slidejoy will give you the option to cash out to paypal, get a gift card or even donate your earnings! Make Money Online with slidejoy!

3. Putting your Money in a High APY Savings account.

Although this one may not be the most profitable, it is still an option, APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. Most main banks are offering terrible rates such as 0.001% interest rate which unless you have alot of money lying around,  you wont get much return on it.  Some Banks are offering up to 1.5% which is 15 times the first rate we saw. If you do the math, you are getting a pretty decent amount of money back just for your money to be sitting in a bank. If you were to have a bank account with 100,000$ Dollars Saved, your return would be 1500$ for doing absolutely nothing, Although you would be better off investing that money into something other than leaving it in the bank, A high apy savings account is your best bet if you dont plan on touching your money. Below are some High APY Banks that I have personal experience with.


Ally is a trustworthy online bank that offers 1.5% APY as of now which is what I believe may be the highest paying in the USA. I have had a positive experience using ALLY. ALLY BANK is FDIC insured.


My Savings Direct is an Online Bank that is Offering 1% APY which is another good amount I always reccomend having more than one bank because although MySavingsDirect is FDIC insured it is always a good idea to have more than one bank because anything can happen with any bank.

Thank you for Reading! More Methods to be added in this post in the future.

Please comment if you learned something useful! This was to cover all known ways to me for getting something for nothing! I know many other methods of earning money but this post was just to showcase what you can do if you dont feel like doing anything! 🙂 This is by far the best way to make money online for absolutely 0 work, if you need more money, best be prepared to work for it :).

Be Sure To Stay Tuned! As I will cover other other methods of earning full time income all from home.

But it wont be easy like this! :), Please Leave A Comment If You Have Questions!







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